Door Installation Tool

The Door Stud Door Installation Tool:

The Door Stud is a door installation tool that revolutionizes how builders install pre-hung or slab doors.

The Door Stud door installation process allows for a single person, hands-free door installation; reducing typical installation labor by 50%!   See our Video page to see it in action!

This innovative door hanging tool is designed for builders to DIY who are looking to increase their productivity and reduce the risk of damage to the door or surrounding wall. With the Door Stud, the installer handles a door once (yes – one time).

Able to accommodate 1-3/8” and 1-3/4” pre-hung or slab doors, the Door Stud touts a durable steel constructed design.

Additional features:

  • Single action clamp and soft-grip handle design for an improved ergonomic feel and greater control when fastening
  • Vertically adjustable, door is held upright which allows for leveling in three directions in preparation for installation
  • Eliminates the need for the door to rest against the interior walls of the home, preventing damage to walls or the door itself
  • Provides a consistent, quality, install experience time after time

Door Stud Door Installation Testimonials

"I bought this tool to get more results from my finishing crew! I would have never thought that I would nearly double our productivity. The Door Stud is totally sweet because it allows 1 guy to hang a door instead of 2 in less time and with less effort. Ultimately the door stud paid for itself in about 2 days work in labor alone. It's ABOUT TIME that someone brought innovation to hanging doors! This tool ROCKS!"
Benjamin Custom Homes
Prior to the door studs, my brother and I had to hang doors together (hard to balance and get good reveal with one person). We both bought a pair of door studs and can't believe they hadn't been invented years ago. Now we're able to hang four times as many doors. Also, double doors are so much easier to deal with when you have two pairs of door studs holding everything in place. Highly recommend. Multi-purpose: I also use mine to hauling drywall and OSB around the shop.
Russell Newman


Brought to you by Home Innovation Holdings, the Door Stud is a door installation product that provides both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

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