The Door Stud is a door installation tool that revolutionizes how builders install pre-hung or slab doors.

This innovative door hanging tool is designed for builders to DIY who are looking to increase their productivity and reduce the risk of damage to the door or surrounding wall. With the Door Stud, the installer handles a door once (yes – one time).

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  • "I bought this tool to get more results from my finishing crew! I would have never thought that I would nearly double our productivity. The Door Stud is totally sweet because it allows 1 guy to hang a door instead of 2 in less time and with less effort. Ultimately the door stud paid for itself in about 2 days work in labor alone. It's ABOUT TIME that someone brought innovation to hanging doors! This tool ROCKS!"

    Benjamin Custom Homes
    Benjamin Custom Homes Builder
  • "Prior to the door studs, my brother and I had to hang doors together (hard to balance and get good reveal with one person). We both bought a pair of door studs and can't believe they hadn't been invented years ago. Now we're able to hang four times as many doors. Also, double doors are so much easier to deal with when you have two pairs of door studs holding everything in place. Highly recommend. Multi-purpose: I also use mine to hauling drywall and OSB around the shop."

    Russell Newman
    Russell Newman The Doormen/ Installer
  • "I tried the Door Stud- Heavy when I had a 4'0" wide door that I had to hang by myself. I would say that I saved at least an hour of labor and wear and tear on by back! Once the door has been stood up it's so easy to adjust the height and also to make the vertical adjustments to match the frame, not to mention how easy it is to move the door around. The other thing I really like about this tool is how little room it takes up in my truck. Once in a while you find a new tool that actually does what it claims to- this is it."

    Garnet Johnson
    Garnet Johnson Twin City Hardware
  • "My name is Corey Menning and I am the Construction Technology Assistant Professor / Program Coordinator at Iowa Lakes Community College.  This year we acquired the Door Stud!  I explained to the students what it was and they helped put it together, it took literally less than a minute.  We installed our first door as a group with traditional shims, both with and without the Door Stud.  We also tried the interior door installation kit using the brackets.  It was incredibly fast and easy to use the Door Stud in conjunction with the interior door installation kit.  We used this method for the rest of the doors and had students in small groups do it themselves to finish installing the remaining doors.  I can’t believe how much faster and easier interior door installation is using the Door Stud!  My students were extremely impressed and kept saying how much faster it was than the “traditional” installation method they had learned back in our lab.  I will definitely be using the Door Stud on all future interior door installations!!!  It’s nice to have a quality tool that is durable, sturdy, handy, innovative and MADE IN THE USA!!!  Thanks for knocking it out of the park, Door Stud!!!"

    Corey Menning
    Corey Menning Iowa Lakes Community College/ Asst Professor
  • "Your door stud is a wicked rad tool! I can’t use it to set doors like your video shows. The type of  jobs I’m on require the jamb legs to be scribed to floor. So I use the door studs to hold the door while I remove it from the jamb. Then I roll the door out of the way. When the jamb is set I effortlessly wheel the door over and reinstall it in the jamb! This is huge considering most doors I set are 1 3/4” solid core ball busters! Here’s a pic! Thanks for the ingenuity!"

    James Brasier
    James Brasier Real Fine Wood Design

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