Watch The Door Stud In Action

This is a great new innovative tool for finish carpenters. It can be used for single-person door installation, very clever!

-Matt Risinger

Ideal for positioning heavy fire-rated doors and high-end veneered doors you don’t want to lay down damaging the visible edges of the door. The Door Stud firmly grips the bottom of door eliminating the reducing damages by lifting heavy slabs upright from a door dolly or drywall cart.
-Rick Morse

You’ve got to love tools that help make life just a little bit easier, and Door Stud is a good example of one that caught Mike Guertin’s eye at the 2020 International Builders’ Show. This clever tool makes it easier to move and hang pre-hung doors and door slabs.

-Mike Guertin

We decided to make our lives a lot easier and order the Door Stud Door Installation Toolkit. You always have to make a million little adjustments when you’re hanging a door which is really simple to do using the Door Stud.

-Elisha Albretsen

I’ve been installing doors for 22 years and it’s a struggle. There’s a lot of times when doors are very heavy and you have to carry them a long distance and try to balance the door yourself. I wish I had this years ago. It would have been amazing to have.

-Todd Pooch

This is pretty awesome and quite frankly, you don’t see this stuff every day.

-Vincent Carneglia

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